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I\'m on my way...slowly..

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Transfer request - 11$ on stars for 11$ on FTP
  Hjorturkall, May 04 2008

Basically same as earlier blog post - but changed 30 to 11 I really wanna play the sunday 100grand and don't have anything on stars...

Please some kind soul help me

I'm willing to swap 30 if that's preferred, but 11 is what i really need lol..

best regards!

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30$ on Stars for 30$ on FTP
  Hjorturkall, May 04 2008

Yay...great first blog eh?
I'm likely to start blogging like a man since I got through with creating this thing...

But my first blog is a transfer request!

I need 30$ on PokerStars and can give 30$ on Full Tilt...

I'll obv. send first since I've only got like..100 posts hehe...

Next blog shall feature whiny graphs and bad beat stories as is mandatory.

With very best regards


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